The directors of company has wide spread contacts in industry and commands respect for fair and transparent dealing, both with suppliers as well as buyers. The company arranges supplies of most difficult types of yarns as well with its wide spread network and contacts.

Cotton Yarn gray and dyed –Combed /carded
Open End: 4NE to 20 NE, Single Double or Multi Ply.
Ring Spun: 10/1 NE to 100/1 NE, Single & Double Ply knitting or weaving twist.
Compact Yarns: 20/1 NE to 60/1 NE for Knitting and weaving
Cotton Slub yarns
10/1 to 20/1 NE for Sweaters.
16/1 to 40/1 NE for Weaving & Knitting.
Core Lycra/Spandex yarn
16/1 NE to 40/1 NE with Cotton and Polyester.
Core Polyester yarn
20/1 NE to 34/1 NE with cotton Covering.
Polypropylene Textured yarn
70/24, 100/24, 110/24 Deniers. Textured & Flat.
Polyester/Cotton blended yarn
10 NE to 60 NE, Single or Double Ply.
Blends: 65/35, 52/48, 40/60, 20/80 Polyester / Cotton (Other Blends on Request)
Polyester/Viscose blended yarn
Count Range : 16 NE to 60 NE in Single or Double Ply.

Polyester or Viscose spun yarn
Count Range : 10 NE to 60 NE in single & Double Ply.
Jumbo Cones (5 Kgs) available for 10/1 to 16/1 NE.
100% Viscose Open End yarn for knitting count 16/1 ne to 30/1 ne
A irjet spun yarn MJS and MVS systems

Combed Gassed Mercerized (CGM) yarn
2/20, 40/2, 60/2, 64/2, 70/2, 76/2, 80/2 NE Grey and Dyes. Lot Size 700 Kgs.
Cotton NTRT (S & Z) yarns
20/1, 30/1 and 40/1 NE
Cotton Soft Twist yarns for Sweaters
10/2, 16/2, 20/2 and 32/2 NE
Rayon Filament yarns
Counts: 75D/40F, 100D/40F, 150D/40F, 300D/40F
Mélange yarn –100% cotton/cotton: viscose/cotton: polyester
20/1 NE to 40/1 NE
Acrylic Bulky or Spun yarn or Worsted
16/2 to 36/2 SMM or equivalent DMM.
Polyester Texturised yarn Raw White and DDT
75 Denier - 36F, 72F, 108F, 144F.
100 Denier - 36F, 72F, 108F, 144F.
150 Denier - 36F, 72F, 108F, 144F.
75/144/2 IM, SIM, NIM
Fancy yarns
Grindle Yarns, Space Dyed , Naps, Triblend, Snow, Flake Injection etc.
Organic Cotton Yarn
20s to 60s
BCI Cotton Yarn
16s to 60s Knitting or weaving
Cotton Modal Yarn
20s to 40s
100% Modal Yarn / Tencel Yarn
20s to 100s
Spandex Yarn
20D, 30D, 40D, 70D
Contamination Free Yarns
20s to 60s
Supima and Pima yarns
30s to 100s